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Who we are


We are a handful of true food lovers who explore hidden pockets of the sun-kissed

Greek land. We cherry-pick well kept secrets and hidden treasures that intrigue our

palate. Our ambition is to indulge you with a hearty collection of unique Greek

products, ranging from our very own smooth and creamy olive oil, and virgin honey,

to fresh organic herbs,olives and marmalades that bear our passion for excellence.

Our aspiration is to share with you a sliver of the ineffable beauty of the land we

proudly plough and cherish. For each of our products is unique, just like your choice.

We introduce our range on a personal tone with our exquisite olive oil from our own

cherished estate.


Respecting the land


Located in picturesque Mani, at an ideal altitude and embraced in a unique microclimate, our estate lies terraced in a nutritious and rich in organoleptic ingredients sloppy and rocky terrain nourishing our mature Koroneiki cultivars. Unspoiled by any kind of pesticides artificial fertilizers or irrigation systems, our olives are exclusively hand picked and plucked at just the right moment. Carefully placed in crates to prevent bruising, and impart the characteristic sublimely lush taste. Shortly after they are plucked, olives are pressed into a paste and malaxed for thirty-five minutes. The oil is separated from the fruit with the help of only cold water, and maintained in controlled-temperature stainless steel tanks. No filters are used during bottling at the expense of a significantly smaller yet richer in polyphenols yield.


Safe keeping a treasure


 As with all treasures, our cherished olive oil is delicate and fragile. Light, be it natural or artificial, alongside heat and oxygen is detrimental to its quality, can cause rancidity and accelerates oxidation. In order to safe keep our precious olive oil from the elements, we opted for a unique dark veneer for our bespoke bottles. On the downside, the rich colour and unique texture of our treasured olive oil remains hidden until you break open the shield and indulge yourself to its creamy body. But rest assured, your patience is worth it! All of the subtle and elusive aromas along with the delicate yet mouthwatering taste will unveil themselves and treat your palate like few things can do.


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